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Can't believe its been soo long also what is your home routine

February 17th, 2017 at 09:08 pm

I feel like I've lost my way a little. I had paid off a good chunk of my cc debt and then I went a little cuckoo getting some pieces for work to make my cheapish wardrobe look a little better.

I bought a used designer watch that looks great and I wear it everyday.

I bought a diamond by the yard necklace that looks great with all my outfits. Bought it at one of those direct jeweler places so it was about half or less than I'd pay elsewhere.

I bought some clothes from a discount department store.

I bought some pearl earrings and two small wristlet purses from a discount luxury designer store.

I bought a bag from a mid-range designer new but at discount.

I also bought some super discount kitchen stuff that I haven't used as often as I'd like but the cheap cooking class I took has helped.

I managed to not go broke doing it and the feedback from work and outside of work I get from people has really picked up my self-esteem a bit. But work is so stressful I'm still out of sync with getting a house routine nailed down.

A coworker said she gets up really early everyday to get stuff done. I'm considering this. If I got up at say 4:30 every day I could work out and get all chores except vacuuming done.

I think I'd like to do this since all I seem to do when I get home now is fake shop for items on the web. I used to read when I got home but I feel guilty reading while the house is a mess.

This also means I'd have to go to bed earlier but I think I'm okay with that. I don't have many friends here so I hardly go out anyway.

I dunno what do you guys do for the home life balance? Mine seems non-existant right now.

9 Responses to “Can't believe its been soo long also what is your home routine”

  1. Wink Says:

    One thing I do that has helped me with the condo cleaning is to do a 15 minute clean-up every night after work. I pick one chore to do each evening. So on Monday I might dust the bedroom, Tuesday vacuum etc. It really helps to keep the place clean, and all my chores aren't piling up on the weekend so I have more free time for weekend social activities.

  2. snafu Says:

    Welcome back, happy to see you. Since you asked...

    It helps to set some protocols to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. For example, when you return home, outer wear is hung up, footwear left at entry reduces mess. …you get the idea!

    Even more important, as suggested by Wink, pick a task a day. Sunday, make at least two different meals to help get you through the week, possibly roast two chicken breasts, along with a few root vegetables you like and will eat for fragrant soup, waiting for your arrival, home from a hectic day. Make a meatloaf, cool, cut into slices and bag for freezer. Makes a great sandwich for take away lunch, add an egg for breakfast. * Eliminate the evidence, put all ingredients away, clear table and counter before you leave the kitchen.

    I arbitrarily call Tuesday, ‘desk day,’ it’s my least stressful day so I’m ok reviewing upcoming bills, looking for papers to trash, giving every dollar a ‘job.’ Meal plan, review retirement program Wednesday could be a pamper day, do something nice for someone, bake muffins, manicure/pedicure with friend or neighbor or find a Groupon cut rate promo.

    We’ve a ‘use it or lose it’ protocol. Items not used…whatever the reason, are candidates for release, not needed, now morphed into ‘clutter.’ If it’s damaged it goes to trash! Choices are sell, consign, regift, or donate so that someone else can enjoy items still in good condition

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I do "tensies" when things are piling up. (Don't ask me where I got this from.) I just do ten things -- usually very quick things, but sometimes not. Mostly whatever hits me in the eye. Often I'm inspired enough to go beyond ten.

    As for feeling guilty about reading -- so much better to read than to fake shop! Shut that computer and pick up a book, girl!

  4. My English Castle Says:

    I'm also a fan of "put it away," but the rest of my family prefers to strew things everywhere--which compels me to do tensies. I've never hear it like that, but it does seem to overcome my natural inertia. Anything I can do ahead is always welcome. We're having a rotisserie chicken tonight, and as I was making lunch, I made a quick batch of cranberry sauce, took the pork tenderloin out of the freezer for tomorrow, wiped down the countertops--and because I had a few minutes of waiting for sandwiches to grill--went through the hot drinks shelves to figure out what we had, what needs to be used up etc.. My DH (is this a male thing?) is not a good multi-tasker kept asking, "What are you doing now?" But I need to do things when I'm thinking of them or they don't get done.

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    My routine these days is very different than when I worked a conventional f/t job. You might say my routine now contains a lot more variety, and I have the ability to switch things around when things come up, and I like having that added flexibility.

    I'm up around 7 and after feeding myself and the cats, I settle in front of my computer with a hot cup of tea. I peruse my emails, mostly the latest job postings and apply to any I think are a fit.

    Most days now I have some sort of writing assignment to work on. If I don't, I'll make that my shopping day and hit BJs, Shop Rite, Trader Joe's or Aldis for the essentials, and fill up the gas tank.

    I find my natural sleepiness in early afternoon is much more noticeable when I'm home, or maybe it's just that I don't have to power through it like I do at the office. So sometimes I'll lay down and take a nap.

    I wrap up the day around 4 or so but often return to the computer after dinner and continue work til about 8 pm. Then I look forward to chillin' and watching TV or reading.

    I'm not much of a housekeeper and while I make an effort to keep the kitchen more or less tidy, other things don't get done until I notice something really needs doing. I should vacuum more, but the cats freak out and bolt for the basement whenever I pull it out, and i hate to do that when they're in a sound sleep in the bedroom, which is usually the case. So I tend to let it go til I see dust balls. Frown
    I also make a point to run my shopping errands on Tues/Wed/Thurs, the least crowded days. I make a dump run mid-week as well.

    I try to get out for a walk as much as possible, but that's partially determined by weather patterns.

    Since I'm working at home now, I often work 7 days a week; I don't mind it, and I take plenty of time off so it doesn't really matter.

  6. MonkeyMama Says:

    I am not great on the home front. I am the opposite of a neat freak. So not much advice there. But I do think we are good about doing the "every day" chores. Making sure dishes/laundry are done daily or weekly. I go through mail and e-mails every day and toss most of them. (This is maybe a one-minute chore, but makes life infinitely easier to not let it pile up). I do my laundry on the weekends. For the most part we just toss in a "clean laundry" basket and don't even bother with the effort to put everything away. But, I do hang dry my more delicate work clothing (just hang up in closet) and that maybe takes 5 minutes every Sunday. We are also fairly strict with our bedtime routine. Family TV time from 8pm - 9pm. Then we all go to bed, except for night owl husband. (It's the only thing we are particularly stringent on, though I guess we also eat dinner every night at 6pm. These are nice anchors and allows us to be loose with everything else). Those are the only things I can really think of that we do every day or week. Eating well and sleeping well (consistent bed times) are important to self care, so that is why I share.

    The rest I think just comes down to personality. I am the most fresh in the morning and am more likely to go to the gym at 5am than 5pm. So if that is true for you, definitely take advantage. & I was never a morning person in the slightest, before I had kids. But necessity is the mother of invention. If I wake up early, I get tons of quiet "me" time. So it has become my habit over the years. I was never a night owl, so I think this is actually a more appropriate sleep pattern for me. I stopped using an alarm clock about 12 years ago, once I Realized that I actually was a morning person. (I had NO IDEA. But alarm clocks will really mess up your sleep cycle). I often fall asleep at 8pm, but that's okay. I am fairly useless after 4pm anyway (even when I used to sleep in). Better to go to bed early and to utilize more hours where I am actually very alert. I don't put much effort to house cleaning/chores, but I do put a lot of effort into eating well, sleeping well, and working out. If I put the effort into this foundation, everything else is easy. More energy and less stress, which makes everything else in life easier to deal with.

  7. MonkeyMama Says:


  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. I can't wake up before 5am. My body HATES it. So I think that is something else to take into consideration. If you can wake up at 4:30 am and thrive, that's good. If not, you might have to adjust and be less ambitious in the mornings. Your body will let you know.

    & I mean, I will wake up before 5am, but I always feel absolutely terrible when I do. I've learned to just try to go back to sleep. I just drag if I get up too early.

  9. Permanent Temp Says:

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I have been getting up earlier in the morning which has helped. I got the The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up book too through my book swapping club. I just got rid of a ton of stuff and gave it to Goodwill. Finally got my gym bag in the closet downstairs. I have bought a few purses and shoes though that are a little more expensive. I'm hoping that they fit then I can just take good care of them and not have to buy new ones on a regular basis. Just get a cobbler and repair these.

    I like having the choice in bags so far. It makes me feel nice and makes me more inclined to keep actively striving to clean the house and take care of myself. Plus getting rid of the old stuff that I am tired of looking at feels great too. No more baggage.

    Paying the stuff off is a litte slow going. But each week I'm like yay I can make an x amount payment. Just paid off that purse I love, that beautiful used watch I bought etc etc.

    I shopped around a lot for the sales so I didn't have to do the full price thing. I can't wait until I lose some weight though. I went to my usual haunts, Forever 21, H&M, Marshall's and old navy. There's a bit more of me than there used to be so it's a little hard but at least I'm not paying ridiculous amount of money for stuff I know I won't fit into later!

    I should thank my yo-yo weight lol. If I had better control of that I would probably spent a lot more money on clothes.

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