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Second major pay day

June 26th, 2015 at 12:42 am

So happy I was able to pay off a huge chunk of current cc debt and put my part-time job check toward rebuilding my emergency fund too. Almost back up to $500 which makes me feel a little better.

Next time I get paid I'll be able to wipe out most of the last of the cc debt which is exciting.

Then I'll have taxes due again but that is okay its like slipping back into revolving cc debt.

I already pulled out my spending money for the next two weeks. I'm almost happy to be back on a budget and to get things back into control and on track again.

Tomorrow I will have to straighten out the Student Loan People again but no biggie. I have to do it every month. I'd rather do that then have to deal with the way they misappropriate the funds.

One time they lectured me about the way I send in extra payments and how it wasn't convenient to them. I found that somewhat hilarious.

Anyway hope I can sleep soon gotta get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Small tasks turns into an open ended contracting gig

June 19th, 2015 at 11:38 am

Good news is it looks like I may have found some place I can rest my laurels on for a bit so thats good.

I'm still waiting for them to revise my contract. I had to take a cut in pay too which is irritating but since I am now an LLC I can figure out some ways to make that less painful.

I am still trying to make my goals so its going to be rough. I need to pay off some debt racked up on a credit card from a recent trip, pay off car insurance in full because it's just easier that way and saves us another 12 bucks or so.

Then I have to make sure I take out enough for taxes, finally set up a real retirement account, and then save up for a car and a house.

It's crazy but I'm sure I'll level out. I'll update my totals soon but very very good news is I'm now down to 5 students loans and maybe soon 4.

The student loans make it hard for me to justify getting another car loan. I have to figure out a way to save up enough money to get a car in cash that is not crappier than the one I already own. I'm really determined not to get another car loan if I can help it.

My dad mentioned something about possibly being able to get some grants as an LLC to help pay off student loans etc so I'll look into that to see if I can't expedite the process. All pretty exciting!!

Update: Column has been updated to reflect new balances. Which were just depleted by a quarterly tax payment that was due the same week I started at a higher rate. This will be rectified soon though.