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Strolling along

February 28th, 2015 at 02:29 pm

I haven't been posting because there hasn't been much to post.

I am near the end of my EF funds and was picked up for a small task at my old contract position that will bring in some much needed funds.

I went on a trip recently which I had promised to go on when I still had funds so I went. I used up a lot of money and I feel bad about that but I don't feel bad about getting away.

I just paid off what was racked up on the cards during the trip. I still have one more trip to go for a wedding I'm in and I'm trying to get that money ASAP.

Still doing okay so far. After this project is done I'll figure something else out. I'm still working part-time which is great because of the constant influx of at least some cash.

Miss being able to post about stockpiling money but I'm sure that day will come again someday soon.

I am proud of myself for at least having the foresight to save that much money and keep my part-time job so I could keep paying my bills.

Next time I get a good paying contract I am going to pay off my smallest student loan that has been whittled down to below $450.

I will then save up as much as possible in my EF and see about fixing my teeth and paying off an old medical bill that has been in collections for quite some time.

I am happy that I thought of myself first in this situation and that I can continue to live the way I want to more or less.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

1 Responses to “Strolling along”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It sounds like with a long-term unstable work situation getting away when possible is a much-needed stress release. It looks like while you may not be in the best place you do the best you can to look after yourself by saving for your EF, hoping you get a good paying contract soon so you can rebuild your stockpile and do some more good things! Kudos to dealing with the cards dealt in the best way possible Smile

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