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A month out

September 17th, 2014 at 12:44 pm

No updates yet about jobs. Had a few temp offers but all for areas that are not cost effective to commute to every day for the pay they are offering.

Just got back from a planned trip. The family wants to pay for my ticket out again but I'm not sure I can afford the price of even being there. I mean I can but I don't want to dip into savings to do it.

Just walking around and unpacking today patting myself on the back for having the sense to save up some money and to keep doing those small gigs to bring in money here and there plus the part time job. It's exciting to think that if I got a well paying contract tomorrow I could pay off my lowest student loan amount. If I pick up more of those I may have it paid off by the end of the year which would free up an extra $15 a month to roll into the next loan each month.

I'm so happy that I have options here and don't have to feel like my back is against the wall as it was all those other times.

1 Responses to “A month out”

  1. alice4now Says:

    I'm glad your perseverance is paying off! Good luck on the job hunt.

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