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Self Sabotage

August 25th, 2014 at 01:20 pm

I am not doing so well. Everyday I try to go to sleep at a good time. I have two goals everyday. Do something that leads to a new contract/more money and work out to get in better shape.

Every day I get up and the house is a mess or there is no food. I say no problem I'll go to the store and make something and clean up the mess. But then the dogs have to go out. I take them out, clean the mess and say okay after this I'll buy the food to cook and get started with my day.

Then I log on the computer and hours go by because I found some files I want to fix or some new article to read and it goes on. Now I am starving and I've gotten no work done or working out. Now I am so hungry I'm afraid to drive to get food. Then I say well I can't work out and the day is shot so why bother doing anything productive.

I have been getting better about getting out of the funk but I hate it and its consuming all my lead time before I have to increase my hours at my part-time job to keep my husband happy so he gets off my back about money.

I feel all this invisible pressure. I keep trying to make a food plan a work out plan a money money plan but it continues to fall through. Frown

This is more of a vent because things are getting better a bit but its sad that I am this mean to myself. I need to set myself up for success not failure. Why fail when I haven't even really begun yet?

6 Responses to “Self Sabotage”

  1. snafu Says:

    If you don't mind someone else plotting your menus try
    http://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/month-of-menus/september-2014-month-of-menus or

    www.ivillagerecipes.com, if you sign on their newsletter they send top ten choices each week.

    pick out what you and DH are willing to eat. Keep the list and repeat adding in your favourites. If frugal is uppermost in your mind, pick the 3 loss leaders from flyers of the stores on your regular route and build around. Alternatively, pick something from your pantry and try www.cooks.com using that item in the search bar. If you don't have a Slo Cooker aka CrockPot, they are usually available at thrift stores for $ 10. Throw in leftovers, broth and spices you like 4 hrs. high or 6 hrs low got lovely stew or soup depending on whether you wish to thicken with a roux. Simple, economical and delicious.

    Have you heard of ETE? It's called Eliminate The Evidence theory. Each evening, around 9 PM, a timer [like the one on your stove] is set for 15 minutes and everyone in home drops whatever they were doing and tries to beat-the-clock rushing to put everything in it's place. Dishes returned to sink of v/hot, soapy water, clothes hung or folded, items to exit for tomorrow, etc. lastly dishes rinsed and left to dry on mat, table set for bkfst etc.

    Yeah! no morning mess, good start to the new day

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    As a stay at home mom with kids that leave the house each day, I get how time can get away from you on the computer. I like snafu's idea to get the house a little tidy before you go to bed. Also, get dressed in your workout clothes right away. Shopping for food once a week is better than everyday, but I know you know that. It sounds like you may be a little depressed, the exercise will help with that and give you more energy. I hope tomorrow is better and that you can see improvements every day.

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    I hear exactly where you are at. and I am much the same way when I get down or OVERWHELMD and stuck. I suggest you look up Flylady on line..s he has a real good fun website and her tips/emails will keep you moving. Try it.. 'anyone can do anything for 15 minutes" (her mantra) and it is true

  4. doingitallwrong Says:

    I'll second the Flylady recommendation. At the very least, get into the habit of using a timer and *obey the timer*. Set it for 15 minutes when you get on the computer and when the timer goes off, get off the computer. (That's the hard part!) I am very prone to procrastination, and to letting clutter build up on any available flat surface. There are times that, on my days off, I break my day into 15-minute increments and rotate between rooms/clutter zones until I'm done. Schedule a break every hour to an hour and half so you don't get totally burnt out.

    It's amazing both how much you can get done this way, and how much less time it takes to do things than you'd think. (Unloading the dishwasher, for example. I'll schedule 15 minutes for it and it takes about two.) Some people make a game out of it to see how much they can get done in 15 minutes (that's more for if you just have general mess, rather than great piles of clutter all over the house).

    I'll also agree that getting dressed right away makes a big difference. I get tons more done on the days I get dressed as opposed to the days I stay in my PJs. Smile

  5. rachel021406 Says:

    I can be a self sabotager also. No one to blame but myself. I will say that I started the ETE when snafu suggested it to me. It really does help me. I also found a 19 minute a day cleaning schedule on Real Simple. 19 minutes keeps everything maintained. Of course you aren't deep cleaning...but its amazing how much better you feel when the sink is empty and clean and the rest of the house is "picked up". So my house is looking better. Now if I could just figure out the finances. Smile

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