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Down again

July 5th, 2014 at 08:39 pm

I turned on the "buy" switch before our trip about two weeks ago. Since then I've been getting coffee out, eating out, shopping etc.

I've also really not been up on work and took an extra week off essentially as I was caring for my sick husband. Now I feel tired broke and resentful.

I thought the offer was a done deal. It sure seemed that way. When I got back and there was no word and it was maybe I was so mad at myself. I fell for it again. Plus I spent a lot of money on vacation I wasn't planning on. I thought I could just get it all paid off the check and go on with saving etc.

Well now my checks are half what they were and its much harder. Now I'm all beating myself up and for what? I need to just get back in the work and frugal mindset and end strong.

I've done it before but not in a "transition period." When I'm between jobs I get strangely entitled to treats, drinks, toys etc. This will be the first time I go there and not have cc debt except for the hotel stay which is only $300 at this point.

It will be a whole new experience. I just hope for the best and know I did everything I could to prepare for this moment.

I still have bill money for next month set up once my check comes in and I have a few months income saved up beside my part time job. I can still pay my student loans thanks to having paid off my car early even if I can't save any money.

I'm trying to stay positive and undo the damage before it gets worse. I've added every credit card transaction against my checkbook and the minute I get paid on Friday the credit cards are going away to a hiding place or on ice if I deem it necessary. I just need to control the "f it all" urge I get to spend and self destruct.

I'd also really like to focus on working out more. I've kept up eating healthy and stayed at a set weight give or take a few pounds. I'd love to get started on losing all the weight. That should give me something to focus on since it doesn't cost much for me to eat healthy I already belong to a gym. And my hours have gone way way down leaving gym time open.

4 Responses to “Down again”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I think you need to get a handle on your entitlement attitude about money. You said that when you're between jobs, you start spending on treats and toys.

    I sometimes do that too, but not when I'm between jobs, aka, not working. Maybe the difference is that I'm single, so I know my financial survival totally rests on my shoulders, not anyone else's.

    When I was under employed these past 5 years, I reined in those spending impulses and found other ways to enjoy life. Now that I've accepted a perm offer, I must admit to some fairly significant spending. You might say it's cooped up, long deferred spending impulses for things I want to do to improve my home, whether I end up staying here another x number of years or whether I sell it. But I would never jeopardize my financial future by freely spending on things I didn't really need during a period when I wasn't pulling in a f/t income.

    I'm not here on the site often these days as I'm so busy with other things, so pls excuse if I don't know the full background behind your post. I don't know any more about what your job offer was, but I do know an offer is just an offer. To me it's not real til you get it in writing.

    I guess becus as a writer i used to write extensively about the evils of credit card debt that I consider it the worst thing possible and I would never, ever carry a balance. Carrying credit card debt makes anything else you're trying to do financially so much harder than it needs to be. Until you eliminate credit card debt, you shouldn't be considering buying a house. (I didn't buy my home til I was age 36.) If you can't afford to pay for something in full at the time you buy it, just put it on hold. Chances are, when you revisit the purchase the next day, next week or next month, your urge to buy it won't be as strong anyway.

    I have a feeling I'm not telling you anything here you don't already know, but ....

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    Sorry, the site is not allowing me to update my post above..i meant to add, please don't beat yourself up. Keeping control of one's finances is a little like staying on a diet...it can be really hard to stifle those impulses.

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    It happens to everyone. Keep on trucking. Post like this is why I said living within your means is a constant work in progress and HARD. I don't think it's ever easy. I don't think very many people make enough to have "everything" they want.

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