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Nelnet is confusing and other issues

May 29th, 2014 at 09:37 am

There have been so many expenses in the last few days that for the first time in a while I don't know what is going to happen to this paycheck. And I'm crossing my fingers that it will even show up because there was a holiday in there so I hope that doesn't affect processing.

I've been off my game with lunches and coffees and my full time work is about to involve a commute again with my part-time work also causing issues.

I feel alone with not much help. We are going on a vacation soon so that should be nice. I'm feeling a little trapped I suppose. I am working on getting new projects have a few recruiters in the mix and what not.

Lastly though there is Nelnet who is so so confusing. I made an extra payment on my loan which pushed out my due date, which in turn affected my KwikPay, which I then spent time speaking to a chat rep who said I could have this adjusted correctly the request was put through. Then I called this morning when I realized it was way out of the time frame in which the request should have been completed and that rep told me something different from the last rep. Then I decided to go online again to have another chat and this rep finally told me that unless you make a double payment on the individual loan it will not give you the option to avoid having the date pushed out online.

She stated that since I have all these requests in putting in a double payment might undo the requests but they could fix it again if that happened. They also said if the date is not pushed out then KwikPay should go through as it normally does.

That info is not explicitly anywhere on the website nor does it warn you that if the date is pushed out on one of your loans the KwikPay will be affected. I'm glad I'm so vigilant on this and didn't give up. Well see. I double payment is $10 more than I was planning to send in but it won't kill me to do so. I hope it does work out fine but we will see.

It seems like a lot of effort when all I want to do is pay ahead on my loan. It seems its pretty straight forward when you miss a payment but when you want to get ahead it comes with a whole lot of stipulations and no guidance...

2 Responses to “Nelnet is confusing and other issues”

  1. Butterscotch Says:

    I have a loan through Nelnet as well and am always annoyed when I talk to their customer service people. They are not there to help you at all. Before you freak out on them though you have to remember that they are $9/hr employees who hate their jobs (I used to date a guy in Denver who worked for Nelnet). I am hoping to do a student loan consolidation and just get away from them all together. I have three different student loan lenders and keeping track of it all is a hassle.

  2. Permanent Temp Says:

    No freak outs here (over this anyway). I just keep my transcripts from the chats so I know what I discussed last time. It's like the automated system if I don't say the right thing I don't get access to the answer so I'm learning what I have to say or how to phrase it to get to the bottom of it.

    I have 6 loans with them if I get to keep a job with a decent salary for a while it shouldn't be too hard to knock out the debt I have left with them.

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