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Starting to dream about quitting my part time job

March 23rd, 2014 at 10:50 pm

My part time job is starting to get in the way of my assignment in a big way. And now I may have to take some time off to help my husband after his surgery. I'm at the point now where if they try to be inflexible about this I will just go ahead and quit. I am sure not going to tell my husband that I have to go tend to my part time job and he is just going have to be on his own.

My assignment has noted that they would like to pick me up for future assignments and there are already some plans in the works. Which is promising although I have been told that before.

On the one hand it seems silly to quit after putting up with it for so long and beside that it would be nice to have some income other than savings when my assignment does end (assuming I do not have unemployment.) But after working two jobs for more than a year now its really starting to take a toll on my well-being.

I feel like I am at the half way point though. Almost done with the car payments. Starting to finally save toward fun goals etc and losing the part time job would mean I'd have to take money much more money out of my regular check to fund my emergency fund which would live little breathing room to save for all those other things that I just started saving for. It would be tight unless I had overtime in each check. So now its a matter of living even more frugally than I already am or continuing to give up all my time to have that little bit of extra money.

I will stick with it if they agree to keep my hours low, and give me the time off to care for my husband. But if they don't it may be time to part ways with them. I do have other companies that I can do work for doing small temp jobs. And I may be able to make it by on unemployment.

Either way I think I'm going to set a tentative end date of this December. If everything goes well and I'm still working two jobs after this conversation with them than I will keep working with them squirreling away enough money to hit the 12 months worth of expenses mark which I could save up by then if I did it aggressively I'm already a quarter of the way there if I don't count my emergency fund. If I hit my mark in December I will quit my part time job and regain my sanity.

3 Responses to “Starting to dream about quitting my part time job”

  1. wife of the deacon Says:

    I think that it is always great to have Plans A, B and C. And I would definitely say helping your husband through rest and rehab post surgery is more important that a second job. I hope that they will be flexible with you, and that you are able to truck along on those goals you have for yourself. How long is DH's recovery predicted to take?

  2. Permanent Temp Says:

    Not sure but he will have to go to physical therapy and wont be able to drive for a while probably about 2 weeks or so because the surgery will be on his leg. (He will let me know more closer to the time.) He will be able to go to work as they have elevators and what not for him to get around but I'll need to transport him back and forth, I can work that around my assignment but not around my second job. unless they are flexible with me.

  3. Permanent Temp Says:

    Update: They were flexible, I still dream of quitting but for now I'll keep on trucking.

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