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Time to loosen the vice grip

October 25th, 2013 at 10:21 am

Lately I've been so focused on money that I have let other goals fall by the wayside. I need to relearn balance.

I have stuck to being frugal and next week if everything goes well I will be credit card debt free. After that I will go back to saving and making double payments on my car.

But I have other goals I'd like to reach and I keep not going for them. I have had a goal to lose the 15 pounds I gained like sick and I keep putting it off. I need to start back at it. A week ago I was all pumped up for it. Picking out my gym clothes and updating my bag. I guess my thing is really that I want swim but there are only certain times when the pool is not busy so that I'd actually get a turn. I suppose I should just stick to my plan of waking up earlier and seeing what the pool crowd is like at that time.

It would be nice to focus on fitness again and fit back into my old clothes not to mention cost effective.

Does anyone else out there get to caught up in finances?

1 Responses to “Time to loosen the vice grip”

  1. baselle Says:

    I'm in the same situation. I bought a condo, focused on fixing it up, focused on keeping my spending down and figuring out my spending equilibrium. In the meantime I gained about 15 pounds back.

    There are two schools of thought with the fitness: easing into it or going in with both feet. I tried easing into it over the summer and early fall but I found I was blowing things off. Now I'm in with both feet and am committed to hitting the gym every other day. So far 3 lbs lost. And look on the bright side - if you are in the gym you are not in the mall.

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