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The Rain just won't stop

September 13th, 2013 at 12:09 pm

I'm feeling pretty bleak today after seeing all the flood damage some of which is not that far from my tiny apartment.

Although I am happy that we did not move to a condo as we had planned because most of the places we looked at are underwater now and we are save and dry.

I'd like to move into a house someday but I feel like we have other bills we have to take care of before we do that. Husband seems to just want to move into a bigger apartment and stay there but if we have a family I'd much rather be in a house. It's equity you own it. Paying rent is like money that you piss away each month here. It's not like back home where you could write it off as part of your taxes.

I have gotten no word yet as to whether my assignment will go on but I sort of wonder if my office is underwater at the moment. Some days its hard to stay positive and this is one of them.

I've been sick for a while now so doing normal daily routines has been a struggle as has going into my other job. Right now I need to shove some food in my mouth so that I can get some more work done.

I'm just stressed out beyond belief. I try not to be but it happens at the end of every assignment something always seems to come along and wipe out my money whether its a choice I made like paying off my credit card thinking I had another week of pay to replenish the hole, or some kind of emergency. Right now I'm out a few thousand due to my medical emergency but otherwise I'm okay financially. I should have more money in the bank but what can I do.

I'm hoping that I get word soon one way or the other so I can be more emotionally prepared. It's nice to be able to post on here its almost therapeutic like.

As far as the financial situation goes nothing has changed. My credit card has still been tucked away and I'm using my cash envelope system. Next week I will get paid and be able to replenish some funds but I still have to pay off bills and pay off that credit card I foolishly racked up a balance on. Hope all is well out there in the stratosphere.

4 Responses to “The Rain just won't stop”

  1. snafu Says:

    We're seeing the horrors of the flash floods/flooding in Boulder & area on the news. We had similar weather in June which resulted in some businesses still closed and a small number of people still out of their homes in nearly mid September. Like you, we were not directly impacted and are immensely grateful.

    Good on you for staying with your plan to manage with the cash envelop plan, leaving the CC tucked away.

    To take the other side...home ownership is full of problems and issues. A mortgage is a huge commitment that affects every financial decision. For the 1st half, nearly every bit goest to interest, only a few dollars go to principal - actual amount you borrowed. We usually pay nearly 3 times the value for a house. That means for a $ 150,000. mortgage, you get to pay close to $ 300,000. because of the way amotorization tables work. After closing costs, your payments include other fees like taxes and HOA fees. Also add in all the utilities, insurance and all the costs of repairs. As a renter, if something goes wrong the owner gets the bills.

    As a renter you can move for better employment or family opportunities. As an own you wait until someone wants your home at a price they want to pay and realtor and legal fees get taken off the top. All those people whose homes have been flooded still continue to make mortgage payments and seeks rentals to double their expenses. Insurance companies have a multitude of reasons to not pay claims and the wrangling takes years to get resolved. All those folks displaced by Katrina [2005] are still dispersed, tax dollars are still being distributed.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I agree, it often feels therapeutic to write here. I imagine many times what I write is repetitive, boring and uninteresting, but it's almost like an online diary that others can peek in on.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you feel better. As for writing, it is like you no longer have to shoulder things alone.

  4. baselle Says:

    Keep on writing and take care. Buying a house is good ONLY if you are confident in your finances; if you are not, the fates will eat you alive.

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