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What if you could only spend one dollar a day?

June 22nd, 2018 at 06:01 pm

I find this intriguing.

I started watching this video where this vlogger kid decides that all he is going to spend on food for one day is one dollar.

And I thought I shouldn't even be spending a dollar a day right now.

But then it occurred to me, what if I try this for a week?

Maybe I can start to claw my way out of this situation, literally a dollar at a time.

Maybe if I focus on something positive and do something proactive instead of lamenting about my situation, maybe it'll be a lot easier to get out of it.

So that's that. I am going to try this for a week.

I will set aside 7 dollars and allow myself one each day. I wonder if I would actually have any of the money left at the end of the week.

I am also going to make sure I actually start saving something from my check. Yes I am in the red but if I keep actively saving and participating in ways to bring in extra cash I will get through this.

It took more than a day to get here and it will take more than a day to get out, you know unless I win the lottery or something.

Even my horoscope says that I will get a pay off in August. So let me hold on to that too.

So here are my two goals for the this week:

One positive thing, I will tell myself this each day:

You do actually have enough money that you are allowed a discretionary fund of 1 dollar per day.

You can save the other 53 dollars you were allowing yourself for discretionary spending. If it works out correctly, at the end of the month you have 212 dollars in savings and will have only spent 28 dollars on things that were wants and not needs.

One proactive thing, I will remind myself to do each day:

Identify and pursue something that will bring you extra income. Follow through until you get the job or the money. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

I will check in next Friday. I will just have to write that down somewhere...

It's hasn't been the best time

June 14th, 2018 at 09:03 am

I have been away for a while and in the while things have been well not good I have had to take on a lot of debt and now my job does not have the best outlook since the company was taken over so I am not sure how this is all going to work out.

What I have been doing:

-Online jobs here and there so far have made $500.
-Lyft so far have made -150, as I am in the rental program and not able to drive as many hours as I should to make money.

I am going to try to use the money I make from Lyft which I have been trying to drive more to start up some online business or other passive income ideas. As I know I won't last for long and I need some kind of second income should my job end.

If anyone has any ideas let me know. For now I am just holding on my the skin of my teeth. I hate this I really do. I wake up in the morning hopeful and do my best but by the end of each day I am drained. Counting my pennies having to remind myself that I cannot spend money on things since there is nothing left. Cringing every time I put gas in the Lyft car or buy groceries because while I know I have to put gas in the car and I have to eat I can barely afford to do so.

The positive. I still have the house and I am able to pay the mortgage, if I play my cards right I'll be able to make 500 a week on Lyft which is enough to pay the mortgage just on that income and frees up my job money to save, invest and pay off debt.

Broke but back on track

April 24th, 2017 at 10:13 pm

Had to empty out the last of my cash to pay my taxes. Trying to focus more on savings and debt elimination again.

My credit card debt went up a little but my loans went down a lot. It's encouraging to see both my house loan cc and my students loans below 10K.

I have some other things going on health wise. So well see if I can catch up.

Mo money more problems

April 13th, 2017 at 10:11 pm

Taxes are not fun, I found out I owe. I was not super happy.

We are switching accountants. I now owe money, have to figure out how to get a car in a few months.

Once the tax money is figured out I decided I am going to start saving for retirement.

I splurge on some shoes I am still stretching out and I feel like a dodo. No more spending like that. I thought it would be nice to have some date night shoes. I envisioned going to our anniversary dinner in a nice affordable dress and some really nice shoes.

I guess if I want to spend that kind of money again I am going to have to do the leg work but I won't be able to afford anything like that for a while. As it is I have to still pay on 2 of the 3. I felt like I deserved to get something nice for myself because I held off for so many years now I'm kicking myself.

Work has been so stressful and I still had that balance so I kept spending. For now I am going to focus on saving and setting some little part to spend on myself so I don't feel so deprived.

Good news I am closer and closer to paying off my lowest student loan.

Can't believe its been soo long also what is your home routine

February 17th, 2017 at 09:08 pm

I feel like I've lost my way a little. I had paid off a good chunk of my cc debt and then I went a little cuckoo getting some pieces for work to make my cheapish wardrobe look a little better.

I bought a used designer watch that looks great and I wear it everyday.

I bought a diamond by the yard necklace that looks great with all my outfits. Bought it at one of those direct jeweler places so it was about half or less than I'd pay elsewhere.

I bought some clothes from a discount department store.

I bought some pearl earrings and two small wristlet purses from a discount luxury designer store.

I bought a bag from a mid-range designer new but at discount.

I also bought some super discount kitchen stuff that I haven't used as often as I'd like but the cheap cooking class I took has helped.

I managed to not go broke doing it and the feedback from work and outside of work I get from people has really picked up my self-esteem a bit. But work is so stressful I'm still out of sync with getting a house routine nailed down.

A coworker said she gets up really early everyday to get stuff done. I'm considering this. If I got up at say 4:30 every day I could work out and get all chores except vacuuming done.

I think I'd like to do this since all I seem to do when I get home now is fake shop for items on the web. I used to read when I got home but I feel guilty reading while the house is a mess.

This also means I'd have to go to bed earlier but I think I'm okay with that. I don't have many friends here so I hardly go out anyway.

I dunno what do you guys do for the home life balance? Mine seems non-existant right now.


December 20th, 2016 at 12:19 pm

Well some updates. The debt on the credit card started ballooning around my birthday. It was a big one for me, I turned 30.

I've only begun to get out of the haze now and access the damage.

The good:

I now have 1000 in my emergency fund. I've kept up with my estimated tax payments and I'm fully funded in there.

The bad:

I went over board and now the credit card debt has increased.

The positive:

Now that I have an emergency fund and sorted out Christmas, I just really need to get the credit card paid off. I'm hoping I can get this done over the next few months but I have to focus on bills and staying away from putting more debt on there. When I pull cash out and stick to that things go well so I'm just going to keep doing that.

I can't wait to get rid of this albatross around my neck it has not been fun.

One check a month

August 5th, 2016 at 11:51 am

I think I may purchase the car I am currently leasing so I have a year left to save to do a hefty down-payment.

I have been plotting to save one of my checks each month but so far it hasn't gone well. The first month it went to a repair for a household item and credit card debt from house stuff purchases and a little eating out.

This month it's going to the credit card again for an forgotten annual expense, credit card purchases (for the house) and entertaining some visiting family.

I am hoping next month I really really am able to get it down to pay off my damn credit card balance and to put something toward the car. I think I may just bite the bullet and pull out $100 from these checks for house stuff (tools, repairs etc) and let then I'll put the rest to debt. That way I won't feel so pressured out kind of thing. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Trying to be patient, quarterly tax paid

June 16th, 2016 at 03:55 pm

I'm happy that I sat down a few months ago and figured out how much I need to have to pay my first quarter taxes or else I'd be happy to have paid off the cc balance but crying about how to pay the IRS.

It's never good to owe money to them! Now that is sorted out I need to figure out what the rest of the year game plan is. It looks like I will be able to take a trip home to visit my family after all I just won't be able to afford a rental car.

That's fine with me I'll figure it out. The house is still eating up my money here and there. I just spent another $100 on some organizers and what not but it was totally worth it in a lot of ways because now I know where my shoes are and the dog toys are. And I can actually use my office, and I have a night stand.

It just stressed me out. To spend. I'm glad I didn't shred all my cards as some once-a-year expenses came up that I had forgotten to budget for came up so I was able to charge them and then figure it out from there.

Target was pushing out plastic storage containers at 30% off and they were selling their cheap shoe organizers and cubbyhole organizers on clearance. I was thinking about getting shoe organizers but I didn't want to pay full price for them so this totally worked out for me. I even got an extra discount on one because the box was broken and the bag holding the screws was missing a few.

I got an influx of money from the hubby for groceries so we are stocked there again now too finally. I found all my coffee making stuff so no more coffee out but my pitcher has a slow leak so this weekend I will have to try to find one. I'm hoping I can get a cheap one at the dollar store or Wal-Mart.

My lowest student loan is below $1000. If I didn't have the $1500 sitting on that cc I would totally find a way to pay that off.

I am very slowly putting money in the emergency fund but it makes me feels better just putting something in there.

I really need to be kinder to myself. I am doing the best I can.

I have also learned to make use of what other people would dispose of. A few weeks ago, they kept ordering bagels 3 days in a row. There were so many left over that I knew that they wouldn't get eaten. I took the bulk of them home and we ate bagel pizzas pretty much all week.

That was a great savings and helped the food from going bad too!

I hope I have better numbers to report when I check in again but at least I'm not feeling so down in the dumps even though I'm still anxious.

I think focusing on what I can control like reading all my books, cleaning the house, planning menus around what I have. Is helping a lot.

Trucking Along

May 20th, 2016 at 02:51 pm

Well I can't seem to get the debt off the card any faster but oh well I suppose that's life and what not.

The cash system is going okay. I have to be creative about what to eat but so far so good. I've been able to put a sliver of money away to my emergency fund but it's better than nothing.

I have been paying for everything all ancillary-weekly expense things in cash since paying off that last item on the card (it was for a appraisal and I wanted to have a secured method of payment for that.)

I have two more seasonal bills I have to pay off and after that it will be the normal stuff again.

I'm pretty much halfway to having enough for my quarterly tax payment so I shouldn't be late there!!

I have been giving my self a little reward each week to wean myself off that bad spending. (Last two weeks it was one trip to Starbucks for a coffee.) This week I couldn't afford that but I found an old loyalty card for coffee at Whole Foods, that one combined with my the one I had already had in my wallet meant I had a free coffee so I went ahead and cashed that in.

I am going to see about resurrecting the envelope system I had going when I was making more money and putting way more money away.

Now that my ankle is healed pretty much I should be able to take advantage of my gym membership again ($27 a month) which will help me chill out and hopefully get back in shape again.

I have also been reading a lot. It's cheap so why not. Lol.

Hope all is well guys!

Budgets and a look back

April 27th, 2016 at 01:03 pm

Thank you everyone for the kind words. I decided to go ahead and re-plug in numbers to my budget.

It is going to be tight for a bit but it looks like around the start of June the purse strings are going to be able to be loosened a bit so that I can maybe even knock out the last of that crappy revolving credit card debt. Or put more than a few bucks toward retirement.

We decided to tackle one bill early so I will have an extra 440 to throw at that balance between here and there if not more.

I'm just glad that I took the steps I did or I would be in a really not fun situation at the moment.

Aside from re-configuring the budget. I did a look back at last years situation to see how things have improved.

Issues I had 4/15 that I don't have 4/16
- I didn't have a job. I was temping for the company I now work full time for.

- I was iffy about my car even though it was paid off. I have since traded in that car for a lease on a new car which was so low I was able pay it off all at once and continue not having a monthly car payment.

- I was dreading a rent increase and trying to figure out how to save for a house. I have a house now. Smile

- I had an old medical bill in collections. I paid this off early this year.

- I knew I had to get my teeth fixed after years of neglect. I have since gone and taken care of all the issues. This work is also paid off.

- I had a part time job that stressed me out and kept increasing in hours. I was plotting how and when I could dump it. I have since quit. Life is easier now.

Of course I have new issues:

-I have to figure out what to do about the next car

-I have to see the dentist for routine keep-ups to keep my teeth in good shape

-The house still needs some work done which we need to budget for (less than 5K at this point)

-I need to rebuild my emergency fund after it funded so many emergencies.

-The house needs its own fund for routine maintenance things like: Eventual roof replacement, hardwood floor coating for the floor every 5 years, and a plumbing structure that will need to be replaced in 2 years or so.

-Kids will probably be coming into the picture in the next few years in a way truly negating any debt payoff progress.

Either way though, I'm hopeful. It seems things do get crazy but I have been handling them okay. Preparing for them as well as I can and trying to make whatever the best financial decision is that I can. Now I guess I just have to see about possibly increasing my income (without another part-time job) so I can knock out some debt and build up some wealth.

I'm not going to make it

April 25th, 2016 at 03:52 pm

Big Bummer. While I slashed by credit card balance by 80% I'm not going to be able to pay it off in full like I wanted with this upcoming paycheck. I have to put the check toward my quarterly tax bill instead.

I think it's going to be okay but I also think I might have to skip going home to visit my family this year and maybe even a trip I had planned to go to a cousin's wedding unless I get a good deal on the flight or get a raise or something.

It's a real bummer but the thing is unless something changes I know I can't afford it. I didn't think I'd get hit with all these house expenses right off the bat. And the dental work last year whipped out my savings that I'd had for potential house expenses.

It's just putting out fire after fire since about October of last year. I'm tired and I'm broke. So broke that for the first time in years I had to put charges on the credit card for monthly bills not knowing when I'll be able to pay them. Juggling juggling. I'm one disaster away from breaking my back.

I'm hoping that in the coming month having some structure again will really let me know what I'm working with here.

I couldn't get to the bank last week to get the few bucks I have left over for grocery spending money after taking out bills, taxes, gas money and some savings. I started using the grocery card for the 3% cash back and then found myself using it too much. I bought that kitchen stuff, some groceries, household items and charged an insurance bill but then I spent an extra $50 dollars on coffee and snacks.) So that's gone too before $50 turns into $500. I hid it in the house. Don't want to shred it though since I have no emergency fund right now and I'd need something in case of emergency type deal.

While I'm still putting chunks of money toward my cc bill, I am also putting a small amount of money toward my emergency fund each week and when things stabilize it'll go up. I'd like to ideally make it go up a few bucks every month but we'll see how much money I have left over.

Things are going to be tight for a while but at least my expenses are finally somewhat fixed.

I know what the bills are going to be each month and I know I won't have a rent increase now that we have a mortgage. I just need to not get discouraged.

I've been here before and made it, I'll make it by again. I've already started planning meals so we can control food costs and eat much healthier. And that at least is a start.